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A time of many eulogies. Robert Smithson announces the death of the museum, and Roland Barthes, the death of the Author. Unbounded by institutions and semiotic specificity, art goes on. Robert Indiana capitalizes love. Later used on eight-cent postage stamps, LOVE traverses the world.



Chris Burden shoots a 747. Smithson dies in a plane crash. The Scull sale.



Barthes dies.



September 11th. Though much of Bruce High Quality's oeuvre was destroyed, according to the artist's wishes, upon his demise, his legacy lives on according to the artist's wishes, via the efforts of The Bruce High Quality Foundation. Bruce High Quality's short life was a testament to the contemporary possibilities of social sculpture. Only Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol compared in their integration of art with the systems of modern media. It is through the tireless efforts of the Foundation that the artist's wishes continue to be wished.



Jack Goldstein and Leni Riefenstahl die. Johnny Cash and Nina Simone die. Edward Said dies. Uday and Qusay Hussein die.



Jeanne-Claude and Christo install The Gates in Central Park. The Whitney Museum sponsors the posthumous creation of Robert Smithson's Floating Island to Travel Around Manhattan Island from his unrealized instructions, with the help of his Estate. The Bruce High Quality Foundation emerges with its own performance, The Gate: Not the Idea of the Thing but the Thing Itself. In its own boat, with its own gate, the Foundation lines up the artistic ontologies of the realized, unrealized, and the recapitulated as well as the astronomically expensive, the moderately immoderate, and the winsomely cheap.



The winning word in the 79th Scripps National Spelling Bee is 'ursprache', meaning: 'hypothetical dead language'.



The Foundation's ongoing project, Public Sculpture Tackle, tackles the conflict between man's individualistic energy and public art's engineered defenses. Artists in makeshift athletic uniforms and padding leap and lunge against public sculptures in Manhattan including Indian's LOVE sculpture in Midtown, The Queen Elizabeth II Monument in the Financial District, and Beuys's 7000 Oaks in Chelsea.



The stock market collapses, housing market collapses. The first Bruce High Quality Foundation Retrospective. The first Brucennial. 2009: BHQFU is established. This willfully non-accredited art school is currently housed in New York's East Village and is free for all to attend. The second Brucennial.



The Foundation presents We Like America and America Likes Us at the Whitney Biennial while simultaneously hosting its third Brucennial with over 400 artists - known-knowns, unknowns, well-knowns, and known unknowns. The second Bruce High Quality Foundation Retrospective is held at Galerie Bruno Bischofberger in Zurich.



The Foundation embarks, in a limousine painted to resemble a school bus, on a five-week, coast-to-coast road trip/lecture series, Teach 4 Amerika, encouraging the end of institutionalized arts education as we know it. Steve Jobs and Andy Rooney. Osama bin Laden and Christopher Hitchens. Amy Winehouse and Elizabeth Taylor. Jack Kevorkian.



The Fourth Brucennial is the largest exhibition organized in the history of the world. Animal Farm: A Musical. The Foundation hammers 95 Theses on Art and Labor to the revolving glass door of the Lever House. The Foundation erects a to-scale union rat, solidified in bronze in the Lever House courtyard. This stately monument, The New Colossus, makes absolute, if not resolute, the tenuous legal standing of union picketers.



Today, Bruce High Quality's self-portraits depict him in his current state of devolution. Once a face, now a mask. Soon, a colorless dot. In his journey of perpetual dissolution, Bruce penetrates the annals of ancient mythology, political ideology, and contemporary commerce. He is seen in the exuberant faces of school children, on the ballots of elections, in the histories of obscure nations, and in the Greek and Roman sections of the Metropolitan Museum. His great legacy lives on in the interstices of machination, education, reform, and premonition. "Ode to Joy, 2001-2013," the third Foundation Retrospective, at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Meditations of the Emperor: Art History with Power. a gilded Marcus Aurelius on Washington Square talking about his office job. "Art History with Passion": a car crash. 



Philip Seymour Hoffman. "The Last Brucennial." Elaine Stritch. ISIS. Robin Williams. Lauren Bacall. Bruce Enters Brussels with "Vive la Sociale!" at Almine Rech. "Isles of the Dead" at McClain Gallery. Halloween.



Anita Ekberg. Mother, at Vito Schnabel Projects. Chris Burden. "In the Woods" at the Onassis Cultural Center. Arcadia. Brooklyn.